When Mary and I were deciding how to allocate the scholarship money, trying to figure out who we thought would be deserving, where could it do the most good…Nathan's name came up immediately. As a young man who has so openly embraced his passion and his journey, you have become a role model to your younger students, many of which are trying to decide whether this amazing craft – dance - is for them.  At a minimum, Nathan, you have given them a glimpse into what it could be, what it should be.  As Jimmy’s parents, we are admittedly and selfishly unabashed in our investment in your goals, knowing that this could be his path one day. As a teacher at Midwest Edge this year, your energy and love of dance cannot be questioned.  We heard about it from all your students, the teachers at MWE and saw it in the numerous videos that made it out into the social media channels!  As ou head off to  I am sure I speak for Michelle and Danielle, both full-voiced supporters of you and your work, that we cannot think of a better candidate for one of our #DanceOn scholarships.


It was #DanceOn’s privilege to award you this Scholarship to Grant Wilke so he could continue his artistic journey. Grant was recommended for this honor by Artistic Director and “Grant Wilke fan”, Melissa Peterson, for his incredible passion and commitment ( even at just 7 years old!) to dance. Ms. Peterson wrote: “Grant is in his second year of company at Envision.  Grant would dance in the doorway the year prior to officially joining, watching his older sister Mackenzie’s class.  Grant has a lot of energy, passion and drive and shows great potential.  In addition, Grant is a sweet and caring boy and is loved by all of his teachers and teammates at Envision!”. Ms. Peterson’s commentary spoke directly to Mary and I, as our son (now 14 years old) followed similarly in his sisters footsteps and is still enjoying his dance journey today.  We hope you continue to grow in your abilities and look forward to seeing you perform and share your gift and love of dance with the rest of us. We feel incredibly lucky to be even a small part of this uplifting dance story and appreciate the privilege to assist in this nominal way.


DanceOn was so excited to hear about the wonderful program at Steps for dancers with special needs.  While our local #DanceOn cause has been focused on raising awareness and supplying support specifically to male dancers, Mary and I feel that your efforts speaks to the same themes of acceptance and supporting the decisions to take “the road less traveled”.  To say we were inspired would be the understatement of the year. With that said, DanceOn offered its support this great program by underwriting the competition fees for one event each for the Radiance Dance and Dazzle Dance Companies for the calendar 2019 year. In addition, it was our honor to provide our #DanceOn t-shirts to your dancers as a “thank you” for making us aware of these wonderful boys and girls. Mary and I feel incredibly lucky to be even a small part of this uplifting dance story and appreciate the privilege to assist in this nominal way.


Jalen Stewart, a longtime successful dancer at Savage Dance Company in Maryland became a scholarship recipient this past holiday season. Mr. Stewart's incredibly supportive mom, Mary, reached out to us to help with their dance costs which as we all know can be onerous. Collaborating with his great dance studio and its caring owner, Gregory Savage, #DanceOn was able to assume some of the fees for his upcoming competition season. We welcome Jalen and Mary into our Dance On family and will be rooting for his continued success!