Committed to the Cause




Greg's passion as a dance dad looking for an opportunity to not only help his son, but also the community, led Greg to create DanceOn. Greg's an avid t-shirt creator and supporter of everything his children do. His idea to begin the DanceOn movement has been nothing short of brilliant. His constant compassion for others and "pay-it-back" mentality has grown Dance On to what it is today.


Board Member and COO

Mary is the logistical brains behind the operation. Her extensive knowledge of the dance world thanks to many years as a dance mom to both Julianna and Jimmy has helped her illuminate the next best path for our organization. Mary has been one of the biggest supporters and initiators of DanceOn since day one. As the mother of a male dancer, she understands the hardships that come with this territory, and she uses this as motivation to further our cause.


Kathy Petrak

Board Member

Kathy Petrak was born and raised in Washington, D.C.  Working with children and adults who have special needs has always been a passion of Kathy’s, and she has spent most of her adult life working with and/or volunteering with organizations that work to better the lives of those with differing abilities.

As a parent, Kathy feels very strongly about supporting the DanceOn movement.   Her experiences with her own children in the dance world and her experience with children who have special needs has driven her to give her support to DanceOn.

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Molly has been a loyal friend and advocate to DanceOn since its inception. Her love for philanthropic causes has helped propel DanceOn toward some of its peaks, such as being on stage at Michelle Obama's "Becoming" Tour. We're so lucky to have such a strong and compassionate member on our board!

Board Member



Board Member and SVP Media Relations

Julianna has been with DanceOn since the first ideas were coming to light. As a former competitive dancer and D1 Collegiate dancer, Julianna is able to bring her experience in the dance world to the table. As our SVP of Media Relations, Julianna runs our social media platforms and helps connect our organization to potential scholarship winners.